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About Us

The Southwest Area Square Dancers’ Association of Wisconsin (SW-SDAW) is a non-profit organization. Square dance clubs in the Southwest region of the state are members of the organization. The SW-SDAW is one of the members of the SDAW, the Square Dance Association of WI. A committee functions alongside delegates from each area club. Both callers and dancers are represented. The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Improve the quality of leadership in the Southwest Area Square Dancing through discussion and exchanges of dance material and techniques.
  • Cooperate with individual square dance groups and organized local, area, state, and national square dance organizations for the mutual objective of maintaining and improving good square dancing.
  • Promote the welfare of square dancing in Wisconsin by helping new square dance groups in the Southwest Area become established and by supplying information and advice concerning square dance activities to everyone interested.
  • Encourage and help schedule area jamborees and other cooperative activities and projects which will bring area square dancers together and insure the maintenance of a friendly cooperative spirit among members of different square dance clubs.

Area Events

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